How to clean and prepare your house to pass from the agent’s inspections

Everyone claims that moving is stressful – packing and unpacking all your items; cleaning the house, apartment before leaving. Additionally, there’s another level of stress whether or not the landlords or property manager will pass the inspection and finally you get the bond back.

So assuming the condition of every tenant during end’s lease, here are the few end of lease cleaning tips on how to clean and prepare your house to pass from the agent’s inspections.

End of lease cleaning checklist

With a checklist in hand, it will be easy to know the areas. Additionally, agents also follow Property Condition Report during their inspection. Hence it’s better to follow the standard end of lease cleaning checklists. You can also develop the checklist on your own and follow it to clean the house.

Start with a Cluster.

When you divide the workload into clusters then it will be easy for you to start the job. Additionally, it will motivate you to stick to your plans. The best option is to go room by room.

Fittings and fixtures

Agents closely observe fittings and fixtures as people often forget to clean these areas. Hence, ensure that you clean light switches, light bulbs, doorknobs, handles etc during your end of lease cleaning. Additionally, ensure that all the lights, doorknobs, etc are in good shape and working.


Cleaned windows will pass natural lights making the room bright enough to get positive vibes. It will also make the room look fresh. So it’s highly recommended to clean the windows on both inside and outside making it crystal clear. Don’t forget to wipe out the dust from the frames as well.


Walls are the most important section of the house. If walls are cleaned then it fosters the overall look of the house. Hence it’s highly recommended to do the job carefully. Follow the right procedure to clean the wall otherwise, it will only get a mess. Experts suggest that using a microfiber dipped into warm water and soap does a good job. But you don’t use the solution straight away. First, test in a small area just to be confident. If it gives a better result then carry on with the cleaning.


Landlords and property managers ask to steam clean the carpets. It deep cleans the carpet making it fresh again. So it’s better to hire professional carpet cleaners to do the job as they exactly know and equip cleaning machines. But then it depends upon the condition of the carpet as well.


House inspection starts from outside of the house. So it’s a good idea to remove unwanted plants and clean the outside area. If the exterior is clean then it makes a good impression and landlords or agents won’t doubt the internal condition.

Professional end of lease cleaning

End of lease cleaning takes time and effort. If you don’t have time to clean then hire a professional end of lease cleaners. They offer bond back guarantees which means if any areas are not passed by the agent then they will do the job again. But ensure the cleaners are security passed and have insurance. If you are unaware regarding cleaning company, you can refer to this article – Top end of lease cleaning companies in Australia by UPMOVE.