Professional Office and Commercial Cleaning Sydney, NSW

meeting hall after commercial cleaning sydney
meeting hall after commercial cleaning Sydney

Best in Oz Cleaning Services is an established cleaning company in your area with an impeccable record of efficient execution. We have more than eight years experience. Our office and commercial cleaning services in Sydney always uphold the industry standards of health, hygiene, and environment.

Our commitment to the responsible use of cleaning products: chemicals and equipment, ensures safety and the long life of your property and provides invaluable protection against health hazards.

We understand how sensitive and important role cleaning plays in terms of Customer Satisfaction and well-being of the employees and stakeholders through clean and hygienic environment.

Our clients consider business with us to be a long-term investment in the health, safety, and environmental aspects of their premises. Given the opportunity to work for your promising company, we will strive to meet your expectations of a clean environment, maintaining our high standards of professionalism and expertise.

Our Office Cleaning Sydney process

office cleaning sydney
office cleaning Sydney
  1. Our care workers will visit the place for an obligation free quote prepared as per your requirements.
  2. We modify any requests and finalize the draft quote. Upon approval, we start on a schedule and commence as per your instructions. We do free initial clean of the site and follow the schedules as proposed. Invoices are sent monthly unless requested otherwise.
  3. Any issues will be addressed within 48 hours of the receipt. All our services are contract less so if you are not happy you can terminate the service.
  4. All workers will go through site-specific training and induction process before commencement. All team members will wear the required PPE and attend all toolbox/site meetings and will be identified by the uniform.
  5. Our professional cleaners sydney will follow all security directions given by the Management and adhere the safety and security protocols of the Site

Scope of Commercial Cleaning Sydney, NSW

  1. All cleaning equipment
  2. All cleaning chemicals
  3. Garbage bags and bins liners

Offices and workstations

  1. Empty bins and put new bin liners
  2. Vacuum carpeted Floors
  3. Spot clean walls, partitions and cobwebs
  4. Dust ledges, frames, furniture, rails and fitting
  5. Pick dishes from desks and load into the dishwasher
  6. Dust desks, chairs, furniture, lights, and fit-outs


  1. Clean/disinfect/bleach pans, seats, lids, (urinals), taps, pipes, chrome fittings, doors, door furniture, mirrors, and basins
  2. Soap scum to be removed from hand basins
  3. Showers cleaned
  4. Floor surfaces to be swept and damp mopped with a suitable disinfectant
  5. All hard-tiled floor and wall surfaces to be spot cleaned
  6. Replenish all consumables


  1. Empty Rubbish bins and re-bag new bin liners
  2. Load dishes into the dishwasher for washing
  3. Clean Microwave inside and out
  4. Clean Fridge externally (Internally upon request)
  5. Clean sink and polish
  6. Spot clean fixtures and furniture, tiles and walls
  7. Wipe bench top and table surfaces with suitable disinfectant
  8. Floor surfaces to be vacuumed and damp mopped with a suitable disinfectant


  1. Squeeze Cleaning of all Glazing
  2. Scrub and deep cleaning of all toilets, urinal, and sinks
  3. Scrub and deep Clean kitchen sink
  4. Wash Bins
  5. Air vents to be vacuumed and wiped as required
  6. High Dusting and Cobweb Removals
  7. Tiled flooring scrubbed as required
  8. Steam Cleaning of all Carpeted Flooring

Additionally, we also provide House Cleaning and End of lease cleaning service in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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