What is end of lease cleaning?

You might be wondering – what is end of lease cleaning? Well, when we lease a house for certain period, we tend to use as our own. When we live there, we take care of everything – cleaning, maintenance, replacements, etc. However, when we move out, we need to hand over the house in an original state, as far as possible. Therefore, we need to deep clean the house. This deep cleaning is popularly known as end of lease cleaning.

Alternately, there are other terms as well –

  1. end of tenancy cleaning,
  2. exit cleaning,
  3. vacate cleaning,
  4. move out cleaning,
  5. rental cleaning.

In most instances, we need to deposit the bond at the time of agreement. When we return the property as expected then we can get our bond. So people also uses bond cleaning or bond back cleaning to this deep clean.

Now we learn – what is end of lease cleaning? and why it is also called bond cleaning?, we believe you might have questions like –

  • Do we truly need to do this?
  • Do we need to clean each and every corner of the house?
  • Do we need to replace any broken materials?

The answer is YES. The reason behind these cleaning, replacement, fixture is to get new prospective client effortlessly. Another reason is to make comfortable to the new tenant. Actually, these are for the landlords and real estate agents. For us, the main reason is to get our bond money back. Hence these are mandatory.

What’s included in an end of lease clean?

Now we knew the reason behind the deep cleaning. Let us make you clear, we can do the cleaning by ourselves or hire the expert.

A quick tip – if your rented house doesn’t have much cleaning required then you can do it by yourself. Additionally, for a carpet you can hire professional carpet cleaner to do the steam cleaning. But if there is many areas then the best solution is to hire end of lease cleaners. This way you can make sure you get your bond back.

Now, the question – what’s included in an end of lease clean? – might arise, if we hire the professional. The answer is simple. They will follow the checklist that your landlord provided or their company’s standard checklist. Normally, these will include –

  • Kitchen – All areas from door knob, switches, basins, stoves, windows, walls, etc.
  • Bedroom – All areas from wall, floor, windows, door knob, switches, etc.
  • Living Room – All areas from wall, floor, windows, door knob, switches, etc.
  • Bathroom – All areas from door knob, basins, mirrors, shower areas, etc.
  • Corridors and Balcony – All areas from floor, windows, walls, etc.
  • Garage – All areas from floor, fans, door knobs, etc.

Some of the professional charge extra for Oven Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning. So you should make an inquiry to learn about their facilities.

How long does an end of lease clean take?

The answer depends on the size of the house or apartment and obviously the condition. The time also depends on who is cleaning the house. If you are doing it then it might take somewhat longer but for professional cleaners, end of lease clean takes between 4 to 7 hours. But let us remind you, it will depend on the size of the house.

Now you know the duration of the cleaning process, let’s explore the end of lease clean cost.

How much should an end of lease clean cost?

The cost varies according to cleaning company. The average cost range around $35 per hour or around $200, if it’s in package. The cost also varies according to nature of cleaning service required, size of the property, technological equipment used, and complexity of the work. If the service is extensive then the price will also be somewhat high.